Friday, August 9, 2013

Touching story of love and loss by Vicki J. Cypcar

This week I am highlighting individual stories -and authors -from the Foxleaf Anthology.

Vicki J. Cypcar, author of The Return of Rory Decker, offers us a short, but very  powerful, tale called "Home and the Ties That Bind." It's a story about love and loss, and the things that hold our memories to us... here is the opening:

Oh how I hate college, especially when an unwelcome ice storm decides to lacquer the tender buds of spring here in Lexington.  I’m sitting here glaring out the dorm window – ice crystals frozen – on the inside.  Part of me feels like I will never be warm again.
How far from home this feels - this drafty dorm room of chipped paint and creaky floors.  Looking down from my room I see happy parents retrieving their offspring so they can be home in time for Easter – but not me.
Oh how I miss my father…

Read the rest, and the whole anthology, HERE.

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