Thursday, September 19, 2013

Writing about Indians When You're Not One

I few months ago I decided to write a blog for Western Fictioneers about the pitfalls of non-American Indians writing about a culture very different from their own. It has turned into a series, with four installments so far. Just in case you don't follow that blog, I've decided to provide an archive of the articles here.

Part One: Kinship
Part Two: Balance
Part Three: Indians Are People
Part Four: Leadership
Part Five: Property
Part Six: Gender
Part Seven: Space and Time

Monday, September 16, 2013


The latest installment of the Wolf Creek series is out. In this one, we find out what happens when Sampson Quick's old gang, The Hounds -who tried to kill him in Book #2, Kiowa Vengeance -find out that he is living in Wolf Ceek, disguised as an effete artist.

The British bandit Sampson Quick was created by Kerry Newcomb. This story features the following characters:

John Hix (written by Frank Roderus)- a psychopathic barber who is absolutely loyal to Quick. I could see Steve Buscemi in this role!

Rattlesnake Jake (written by Phil Dunlap)- A coldly efficient bounty hunter.

Wil Marsh (written by Jackson Lowry)- a photographer with a heart of coal.

Rupe Tingley (written by Matthew P. Mayo)- the one-armed town drunk, haunted by the Indian attack that maimed him.

Seamus O'Connor (written by Wayen Dundee)- giant Irishman who is a former New York cop, now town deputy of Wolf Creek

Samuel Horace Gardner (written by Troy D. Smith)- the marshal: arrogant, sarcastic, just a little corrupt, and extremely deadly.

The Western Fictioneers gang has pulled together another great story here. This series continues to pick up steam, lauded by critics and readers for its memorable characters and tense action. You need to check it out!

Available at Amazon and Smashwords