Monday, May 26, 2014

A Schoolboy's War: A WWII Memoir

Ebenezer Press is delighted to announce the release of A Schoolboy's War by Derek Couturas. It is a touching memoir about the British home front in WWII, through the point of view of a little boy. (Note: if you enjoy the BBC series Foyle's War you'll love this.) Here are some readers' comments about the book:

A School Boy's War is an insightful, heartfelt and well-crafted tale of a young boy, acutely aware and blissfully ignorant of the dangerous world he and his family struggle to survive. Funny and heartbreaking and written in a voice as powerful as Frank McCourt himself. 
- Erin Holroyd, Literary Teacher, Journalist, Staff Writer. 

A first person history of a young boy in England during WWII ('39-'45)… Couturas takes you with him, beside him as bombs fall and families' lives are being torn apart. 
- David Gregory, Poet, Actor, Radio Personality. 

Derek Couturas whisked me away and regaled me with his poignant memories, his understandable fears, and his enthralling adventures as he watched history unravel before him. 
-Pamela Walton, Freelance/Staff Writer, Journalist and author of Life Lessons: Book One.