Thursday, February 2, 2012

Of Dental Drills and Starship Hobos

Two of my short stories have just been released as ebook shorts: "And Naked We Leave" and "Now Spit." Both were written in the mid-90s. My mother has informed me that "And Naked We Leave," about the last hobo, is her favorite of my stories she has read (and that's gotta count for somethin'.) "Now Spit"... probably wouldn't be one of my mother's favorites, she is on the squeamish side....

And Naked We Leave

Lew Roycko is a successful lunar real estate developer. On a business trip to earth, he realizes that something has been missing from his life. His interest is piqued by a mysterious old man -whose stories just may change his future.

Now Spit

Jerry Carp's day takes a turn for the worse when he awakens to find himself bound and gagged. But that is not as disturbing as the sobs and screams... and the whine of the drill....