Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Patsy Giddings, author of Sandy's Miracle

Today I am focusing on a nonfiction piece from the recent Foxleaf Anthology (available HERE) ... an excerpt from Patsy Giddings' memoir about surviving child abuse, Sandy's Miracle. Here is how Patsy introduces herself:

Patsy married Mark Giddings on May 28, 2005. They have five children and fifteen grandchildren, and now reside in Cookeville, TN. Because of Patsy and Mark’s love for children and due to the severe child abuse Patsy suffered as a child, they soon became foster parents, doing this for two years, before becoming volunteer court appointed special advocates (CASA). Their passion runs deep and personal in a determination to help abused children. It is the reason that she and Mark became CASA Volunteers. It is also the reason she went on to become a voice of advocacy, giving public lectures to bring awareness of the desperate need existing in modern day America, to protect our children. But in her lectures, Patsy explains how her dependence on God was lifesaving, as she struggled to live through one nightmare after another and the important lessons it holds about the meaning and purpose of our lives. She is committed to increasing awareness of God’s presence, love and grace and tells how God brought her to where she is today –saved, rescued, and at peace.

Here is an excerpt:

I remember waking up one night, and daddy sitting on the side of my bed. Startled at the sound I heard, I sat straight up in the bed, and said “What’s wrong daddy? Are you okay?” “I’m okay Sandy,” he said to me,“Lie down and go back to sleep.” So I laid my head back down on the mattress, but again, I heard that same startling sound, and saw daddy vomiting on the floor. This frightened me so much, that I began to cry. “Sandy, why are you crying?” daddy asks. As I stretched out my arms in hopes that daddy would pick me up, I cried out to him, “I am scared, daddy!” He then turned around, lifted me up and ever so gently cradled me in his arms. He said, “Don’t cry baby girl, daddy will be okay.” Then he very softly began to rock and sing to me. “Hush baby girl, your daddy’s here”. Up to this day, I can still feel the gentleness of daddy’s arms, holding me snug to his chest. Hear the soothing sound of his voice in my ears as he sang to me. At that very moment, daddy was my hero! For just a little while, time stood still for me to embrace my daddy’s love. Sadly though, that one precious moment in time would be my last to see my daddy for years to come... 


  1. Wow Troy,
    Thank you so much for helping me to bring awareness to child abuse. Mark read your book 'Bound for the Promise-Land' and said it was one of the best books he has ever read!! Thanks again dear friend for all your help!

  2. Patsy, that is very high praise and I am honored.