Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Poetry by Sasha Mabe

I have another excerpt from the Foxleaf Anthology, available HERE , this one by poet Sasha Mabe.

Here's how she introduces herself:

Sasha Mabe was born in Detroit, Michigan, and became a Cookeville transplant after her hubby retired. She has written thousands of poems over the span of thirty years. She says, “My writing is spontaneous –and I never know when it will hijack me. I am also an artist, pastry chef, seamstress, and I played the drums in a heavy metal band in the 90's. This is my first published book and I am pulling together three more. Stay tuned...”


Three of Sasha's poems appear in the anthology. This is one of them.

Billions upon billions of autumns, leaves
Over the ages laying down their lives,
Giving birth to soil, rich, black, and fertile
The dust of ages calling out to me in a whisper,
 begging, pleading for me to push tiny seeds
Beneath the sun warmed surface to grow
Earth, tending the garden of life
Pregnant with the seeds that would feed and nourish
Those who are hungry, and growing
Aching for my fragile fingers to caress and move it
Remove weeds that had taken up residency,
 Drench it with fresh cool rain water, from the heavens above
The earth will someday swallow me up
When I have finished all my tasks, and given up my life
Earth, the dust from which I came
Calling me home to rest

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  1. I very much enjoyed the cycle of life here. Beautiful prose.