Monday, July 28, 2014

Writing About Indians When You're Not One

For over a year now, I've been writing a semi-regular blog over at Western Fictioneers called "Writing About Indians When You're Not One." It started out to be just one blog entry, about some of the very basic cultural things that most non-Natives tend to get wrong when writing about Indians, but I quickly realized there was a lot more than that to be said on the subject.

The blog series has been very well-received, and I've gotten a lot of very complimentary feedback about it. Since it's a drag going back through the archives month by month, I thought it might be nice to post a master-guide to all the articles I've done so far. I've also been doing a series called "American Indians and the Law," and I will include links to those entries as well.

Here are the nine blog entries done so far on the main one:

Indians Are People
Space and Time
The Environment

And here are links to the entries I've done so far on "American Indians and the Law":

American Indians and the Law part 1
American Indians and the Law part 2
American Indians and the Law part 3
American Indians and the Law part 4

Finally, I've recently spotlighted some topics about Indians in comic books in my regular WF blog feature Western Comics Spotlight, so I thought I'd provide links to those as well.

Red Wolf
Of Dust and Blood

There is more to come, in all three series.


  1. These series are very enlightening. IMHO, everyone should read them whether they're writers or not. Lovin' it. I'm glad more are on the way.

  2. Anybody who wants to portray accurate representations of Indians in their books should read Troy's articles! Anyone who just likes history should read them - heck, read them for the fun of it!

  3. Great series! Worth publishing in a book format?