Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Blackwells Ride Again

I have released three more Western short stories about the Blackwell Brothers, with another due soon. The first four stories in the series were written in the late '90s, and appeared in magazines like Western Digest and The Shootist. They were reprinted by Western Trail Blazer in 2010 and 2011. The first "new" Blackwell tale I've written in over a decade, "Blackwell's Run," was also released by WTB last year and was a finalist for Western Fictioneers' Peacemaker Award. The stories have been enormously popular, far more so than anything else I've done, so I decided it was time to write more -I actually had over a dozen tales planned out when I started using the characters lo, a century ago, but life got in the way.

The newest four have all been written this summer, and I intend to write a new one every month or so -the saga will stretch across a century, and through several generations. Every few months half-a-dozen or so will be collected in a single book that will also be available in paperback.

I'm really enjoying taking this trip with those rascally Tennessee boys, and in fact I've started tying them in with some of my other Tennessee characters- there will even be a connection to my contemporary Knoxville-set mystery series, Dead Rednecks!

So if you've enjoyed the previous installments, I am confident you will love these. If you haven't given them a try yet, they are not sequential so you can literally pick up anywhere. In fact, I am approaching this saga sort of like Robert E. Howard approached those Conan stories I loved as a kid (and still do)- jumping around in time, eventually weaving a huge, connected tapestry.

The new ones are up now on kindle, and should be available at smashwords by the end of August.

Blackwell the Highwayman

Good-natured bandit Duke Blackwell meets a beautiful Mexican damsel-in-distress who informs him that he has become a local legend for preying on corrupt merchants. And she desperately needs the help of the famous highwayman, for a noble quest--but Blackwell has a feeling all is not as it seems...

Blackwell's Star

"Pike's Peak or Bust" is the rallying cry for the Colorado gold rush -and veteran prospector Caleb Blackwell is busted. Busted, and growing disenchanted with the mining business. Then he wanders into a town that is tightly controlled by a gang of vicious thugs -and sees a new option...

Blackwell Unchained

Jake Blackwell left the Texas Rangers to fight for the Union. Captured in battle, he finds himself in a makeshift Confederate prison called Camp Henry. Now he is in for the hardest fight of his life -the fight to stay alive in the disease-ridden prison, when a sadistic guard has marked him for death...
And coming soon.....Max and Jake Blackwell in "The Blackwell Raid"

Here is a list of the Blackwell stories available so far:

The Blackwell Claim
Blackwell the Highwayman
Blackwell’s Raid
Blackwell’s Star
Blackwell Unchained
Blackwell’s Run
Blackwell’s Stand
The Divided Prey
The Windigo