Thursday, August 23, 2012

Great review of Wolf Creek Book 1

The first review for Western Fictioneers' new series, Wolf Creek, is up at Singular Points, the blog of Charles Rutledge. Here is a brief excerpt:

"Wolf Creek: Bloody Trail is the first in a series of 'collaborative novels' by a host of Western writers, all members of the group Western Fictioneers. Sort of a cross between the old Thieves' World books and an ensemble TV show, the book features a host of protagonists, each written by a different writer. It's a nifty idea and if upcoming books are as high quality as Bloody Trail, then sign me up for the long haul."

Read the whole review HERE.

Wolf Creek: Bloody Trail will be available on Sept. 1 at all your favorite online booksellers. All volumes of the series are written by "Ford Fargo," the Western Fictioneers housename... in Bloody Trail Ford Fargo is the following authors:

James J. Griffin
L.J. Martin
Clay More
Cheryl Pierson
James Reasoner
Troy D. Smith

Get more info on the series here:

And info on Western Fictioneers here:

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  1. A wonderful review! Glad you posted it here--one day soon, I'll have my website up and running again and I'll put it there. Counting down the days til the official release!