Sunday, March 6, 2011

Western Trail Blazer ebooks 25% off this week

Several Western Trail Blazer western novel ebooks are available this week, March 6 to March 12, for 25% off at .  Free samples are available. You don't have to own an e-reader- all books are also available in pdf and html for reading on your computer.  Just go to the link of the book(s) of your choice, and use the following coupon code when ordering: RAE25

Bad Wind Blowing by Peter Brandvold
Bound for Texas by Kit Prate
Brothers in Arms by Troy D. Smith
Caleb's Price by Troy D. Smith
 Capture the Lightning by Madeline Baker
Jason Kilkenny's Gun by Kit Prate
Long Ride to Limbo by Kit Prate
Passion's Promise by Madeline Baker 
Riding to Sundown by Troy D. Smith
Vulture Gold by Chuck Tyrell

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