Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bound for the Promise-Land

Now available in e-book form....

"Freedom is not a place you run to…Freedom is a place in your soul." These words sum up the life long quest of ex-slave Alfred Mann as he pursues the dream of equality in a world not of his making. From fugitive to Medal of Honor winner, Mann carries on to rise above the ignorance and intolerance of those who seek to bring him down; somehow gaining strength from the unimaginable losses he suffers and his own self doubt.

Troy Smith does a great job of telling this man's story; providing a real insight not only to the emotional struggle that made Alfred Mann the individual he was, but the era that forged his heroic character. – Kit Prate

2001 WWA Spur Award Winner for Best Original Paperback

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  1. Nice eBook to learn some new thing for daily life. Robert B. Parker also wrote Promise land eBook and this book is also awesome.