Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Universal Truth


I have spent my life
Arms outstretched
Looking for truth
“and the world
Shall be better for this”
Artist, author
Poet, historian
Religious seeker
But just when I find myself
Close enough to touch it
It changes
Like water
Like mist
Like dreams
And the Universal Truth
I have striven toward
Is singular and unique
Variations of a tune
From player to player
Particular, peculiar
Not just from person to person
But from moment to moment
Echoes, echoes
Echoes and shadows
Ringing laughter
From Schrodinger’s ghost
Slogging through the fog
Of our private universes
Intersecting only in theory
Perception not reality
Perception is reality
Verities twinkle
Like distant stars
That may have imploded
An eon ago
Nothing is constant
It has always been the same.

Troy D. Smith, 2016

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