Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dead Rednecks on a Friday Night

The third installment of my "redneck noir" series, Dead Rednecks!, is available now.

Here's the cover blurb:

 A detective short from award-winning Troy D. Smith, author of Cross Road Blues and Stomp Boogie ~
From the dark streets of Knoxville to the hills and hollers of the Smoky Mountains... dead rednecks are stacking up like cordwood. Private eye Howard Qualls, fearless paragon of justice, is on the case... and his older, smarter, tougher ex-con brother Hoss is tagging along to make sure Howard doesn't get himself killed.

In this third story of the Dead Rednecks! series, Hoss Qualls doesn't take it kindly when a couple of thugs lean on his little brother Howard – it seems Howard's investigations are hitting too close to home for someone. Can Hoss solve the case despite the interference of his old enemies in the sheriff's department ... and the help of his bumbling brother?

You may notice that we found the perfect cover model for burly, bearded Hoss Qualls!

Available now at AMAZON and SMASHWORDS

And don't forget to check out the first two installments:

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