Friday, June 14, 2013

One of the Best Cattle Drive Novels You'll Ever Read

I was very pleased to have one of my novels, The Trail Brothers, included among the westerns brought back into print by the Western Fictioneers Library. James Reasoner recently had this to say:

"This is one of the best cattle drive novels you'll ever read, folks. Highly recommended."

Here's the description from the WF edition:

The legendary days of the cattle drive era come to vivid life in THE TRAIL BROTHERS by award-winning Western author Troy D. Smith. This classic novel follows a group of cowboys, young and old, as they push a thousand head of stubborn cattle north from Texas to the railhead in Kansas, encountering Indians, outlaws, and a vengeful lynch mob along the way. If they manage to survive the dangers that dog their trail, by the time they return to Texas they truly will be brothers for as long as they live.

Troy D. Smith is a past winner of the Peacemaker and Spur Awards, and current president of Western Fictioneers. He teaches American Indian history at Tennessee Tech University. Smith is one of the most highly regarded young authors of Western fiction, and this compelling, action-packed novel is a good example of why he has that reputation. For a great yarn, saddle up and ride with THE TRAIL BROTHERS.

Here's what one reader said in a review: "Short in length it is a quick read that packs a lot of punch. The story of the cowboys of the Crown-H ranch and the bonds they forge over the course of a long cattle drive is a great western that has hidden in it some of Troy's typical subtle commentary on war, race relations and human nature in general."

This novel was first published in 2002, and several readers have told me it was their favorite of my books. While the bulk of the book is about a cattle drive to the Kansas railheads, it's about a lot more -war, friendship, honor, and equality. It touches on World War I and the founding of the NAACP -you'll have to read it to see how.

It's currently available for kindle HERE ... stay tuned for availability in other formats.


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  1. Congrats! A rich aspect of the genre to mine. I look forward to reading it!