Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Peacemakers! Read them all!

Three years ago Western Fictioneers instituted the Peacemaker Awards, to honor the best western literature of the year in three categories: short fiction, novels, and first novel.

A panel of judges selects the top five entrants in each category, from whom a winner is selected. Last year there were actually seven finalists for best short story, as there were two ties. So in our first two years, there have been an even dozen nominees (this year's finalists will be announced in April.)

We thought it would be nice if readers could actually have access to all those stories -the authors and their publishers graciously allowed us to include their works in a series of short anthologies. Each collection has four stories, and can be purchased as a 99 cent ebook. You just can't beat that.

Check them out now- these are some great tales of the Old West, by some of the best writers in the genre today.


Get 'em here:

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

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