Friday, December 7, 2012

Lines of Blue and Gray: Tales of the Civil War

The American Civil War was by far the most dramatic time in U.S. history. No one could escape its influence who lived in America while it was fought; indeed, we can still not escape its influence today. It was a contest for the soul of the nation, to define who and what America was to be.
And that’s a heck of a great setting for a story.

This volume is a collection of several Civil War short stories I’ve written over the years, as well as stand-alone excerpts from three novels. In some, the heroes are the Yankees and the villains are the Rebels—in others, vice versa.

It’s all about perspective.
Buy it on kindle HERE... available soon on other platforms.


  1. Sounds like a sharp collection, Troy.

  2. Seems to me it's a war that never ended. We don't even agree today on what to call it. The Civil War or the War of Rebellion. May the book find lots of readers.

  3. You're right, Ron -especially in the South. Thanks for the kind words, guys.