Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sword & Circuitry: The Raven Saga

Twenty years ago I came up with an idea for a sci fi/fantasy/sword & sorcery trilogy... each book would be composed of four 20k-word novellas, and the whole thing would revolve around the Norse gods being technologically advanced aliens (already done by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby) who were recruiting warriors from all around the universe to fill Valhalla, and give them an army to help fight the rebels within their own midst (not so Lee-Kirby.)
I wrote the first of what I envisioned as twelve novellas way back then... and never did anything else with it. I decided a few months ago to take a look at the old manuscript -expecting to discover that, with twenty years of hindsight, it would suck -but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the story held up.

So I did some revisions on Novella #1, did a more detailed general plot outline for the series, and wrote a second installment. And, might I add, had fun doing it... at this stage I am thinking of doing a couple per year till the saga is complete. The first two installments are now available for the kindle; I'm going to hold off on the print versions and release only the full-length books in that format.

So... if you like sword-wielding barbarians, and dragons, and Norse mythology, and elves and dwarves, and wolf-men of both the good and bad variety, and beautiful blue-skinned lady warriors, and technology that looks like magic to pre-industrial people, and grim mountains and desert citadels... I invite you to check these tales out.