Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Favorite Artist and Poet

About fourteen years ago I made a new friend at the old Yahoo Books-&-Lit chatlist -one of several good friends I made at that site, and at the subsidiary site we called "Gorpies" after the chat name of that site's founder. This new creative presence in my life was an artist and a poet- and darn good at both. Her name was Robin, but her chatname -appropriately -was "artistrobin."

We were casual friends for years, and throughout that time she remained my favorite poet and a visual artist I admired greatly. I would never have guessed that ten years after our first talks about poetry and art she would become my wife. We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary just a week ago, on June 14. I think my wife is one of the most talented peope I know -and I know some talented people. I am confident that if you take a look at her new website, you'll agree with me:

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  1. Super tribute. I got lucky in that department, too.