Monday, April 2, 2012

Nominated for a best short story Peacemaker award- twice! What an honor.

The nominees have been announced for the annual Peacemaker Awards for Western fiction. I am deeply honored that two of my tales have been nominated for best short story: "Blackwell's Run", published by Western Trail Blazer as an ebook short -part of the Blackwell series- and "The Sin of Eli," published in the Western Fictioneers anthology THE TRADITIONAL WEST.

Winners will be announced June 1.

I am in some excellent company, too! Here is the full list of nominees:

Best Western Short Story:
***There were  two ties in this category, which is why there are seven nominees instead of the required five.

“Planting Season” by Johnny D Boggs (Cactus Country Anthology, Volume I – High Hill Press)
“The Way of the West” by Larry J. Martin (The Traditional West anthology, WF)
“Blackwell’s Run” (Western Trail Blazer) by Troy D. Smith
“The Sin of Eli” by Troy D. Smith (The Traditional West anthology, WF)
“Panhandle Freight” by LJ Washburn (The Traditional West anthology, WF)    
“The Death of Delgado” by Rod Miller (The Traditional West anthology, WF)
“Stay of Execution” by Lucia St. Clair Robson (Cactus Country Anthology, Volume I – High Hill Press)

Best Western Novel:

The Sonora Noose by Jackson Lowry (Berkley)
Redemption, Kansas by James Reasoner (Berkley)
Blood Trails by Lyle Brandt (Berkley)
The Assassination of Governor Boggs by Rod Miller (Bonneville Books)
Between Hell and Texas by Dusty Richards (Kensington Pinnacle imprint)

Best Western First Novel:

Unbridled by Tammy Hinton (Roots and Branches Publishing)
The Black Hills by Rod Thompson (Berkley)
Dismal River by Wayne Dundee (Oak Tree Press)
Bullets And Bad Bad Men by B.A. Kelly (Oak Tree Press)
The Guerrilla Man by Steven Clark (Solstice Publishing)


  1. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! and a double YEEEEEHAW for you! That is awesome news! :-D Congrats!!

  2. Thanks, Meg! And congrats again to you for that best first novel Spur Award- I got close enough to one of them critters to smell it with my first book, but you've got the real deal :-)