Sunday, March 4, 2012

Free this week: "The Blackwell Claim"

My western ebook short story "The Blackwell Claim" is available for free until March 10 at THIS SITE (under the price you will see a "free" code.)

"The Blackwell Claim" is one of a series of short stories I've written about the Blackwell family (some of whose members also show up in my full-length novels from time to time.) The series is my attempt to look at a broad range of Old West settings and events through the experiences of a single family, in a short story format which allows the reader to get immediately into the action. I plan many more stories in this series, and look forward to revisiting the Blackwell brothers often.

Here are the Blackwell stories so far:

  • The Blackwell Claim

  • Blackwell's Stand

  • The Divided Prey

  • Blackwell's Run

  • The Windigo

  • You can find more info about the Blackwell stories in general HERE.

    Surf over to Smashwords and try the first story out for free! Their ebooks are accessible by most ebook platforms, including the Kindle and Nook.

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