Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Traditional West

In the early spring of 2010 several western writers came up with the idea of establishing a new writers' organization devoted exclusively to western fiction. I seem to remember the name, Western Fictioneers, being Jory Sherman's idea -someone correct me if I'm wrong. We had our first official meeting in Knoxville that June (during a lunch break from the Western Writers of America conference we were attending.) We decided to also establish an annual award for best novel and best short story, called The Peacemaker. The first winners were announced a few weeks ago.

And now we have published our first anthology... 24 stories by some of the best writers working in the genre today. It's available now on the kindle, and should be available in paperback by mid-July at the latest. I'm about halfway through the book, and it is great reading. One of my stories is in there, "The Sin of Eli." If you like western tales this book is or you -and it just might be the book that introduces you to your new favorite writers (anthologies such as this were how I discovered several writers whose work I wound up following for decades.)

So check it out.

(And if you decided to check out one of my books at the same time it wouldn't hurt my feelings!) :-)

Here's the link:

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