Friday, June 10, 2011

Blackwell's Run

The latest installment in my series of Blackwell Western short stories from Western Trail Blazer is available now.

Karen Michelle Nutt designed a great cover for us, don't you think?

"Max Blackwell is a sergeant in the US Calvary. Then Company C is assigned a new lieutenant - one interested only in glory and following his personal vision. After watching many of his men die due to the commanding officer's disregard of rules and common sense, will Blackwell agree to a mutiny? And if so, what will the consequences be?"

get more info on the Blackwell series here:


  1. Congrats! For a newbie reader of yours, do you suggest starting at the beginning or jumping into this book?

  2. The starting point for the series is The Blackwell Claim, but really each individual story is self-contained and doesn't require any of the others in order to make you can jump in anywhere.

    This is a series of short stories, and I'll be adding to it soon (as well as starting a separate western series.) If you're looking for full-length traditional western novels you might like Riding to Sundown, Brothers in Arms, or Caleb's Price.

    And thanks, for reading and for asking!