Sunday, February 27, 2011


The fine folks at Western Trail Blazer (an imprint of Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery) are presenting a modern take on the dime novel... they are publishing western short stories in e-book for for the great price of 99 cents apiece. They have released several of my previously published stories, with some brand new ones upcoming. The best-selling ones so far are in the Blackwell series... my humble effort to track one Tennessee family through the history of the West, a la the Sacketts: "The Blackwell Claim," "Blackwell's Stand," and "The Divided Prey." Jake Blackwell also appears in The Stealing Moon and Bound for the Promise-Land, and "The Windigo" also features a member of the Blackwell clan.

You can buy these, and fine stories by other western writers, at:

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